B-Arm Basal Body Digital Ovulation Thermometer – Pregnancy Planning and Temperature Tracking | Digital thermometer with 2 decimal places | Get your Basal Body Temperature for Ovulation Tracking

The B-Arm Digital Ovulation Thermometer will elevate your ovulation tracking experience with a medical-grade solution tailored for precise basal body temperature for ovulation tracking. Designed to empower individuals and couples on their fertility journey, this digital thermometer is your dependable partner for ovulation tracking.

Our Basal digital thermometer is suitable to be added to any ovulation detection kit as it is engineered to deliver the utmost accuracy, ensuring you can confidently identify your fertile window. Whether you’re aiming to conceive or seeking natural birth control methods, this ovulation tracker provides the precision you need to make informed decisions. Harnessing the power of advanced digital technology, our basal body thermometer guarantees trustworthy results. Count on it to provide the data necessary for effective pregnancy planning.

Explore a deeper understanding of your monthly cycle and ovulation patterns with the B-Arm basal thermometer, and it also helps you take control of your reproductive health. With a user-friendly digital interface, managing your temperature data becomes effortless. Record and analyze your readings with ease, gaining access to comprehensive insights into your reproductive health. Choose this ovulation thermometer for your ovulation predictor kit for a journey marked by precision, reliability, and peace of mind.

What is in the box?

  • 1 Thermometer
  • 1 Transparent Case
  • 1 English instruction manual
  • 1 Ovulation Chart (for 1 month)

How to track Ovulation using our Basal Thermometer

  • Set a consistent 30-minute window every morning. Use our ovulation thermometer within that window every day.
  • Use either oral or basal temperature measurements consistently throughout your cycle. (But basal measurements tend to be more accurate)

NOTE: Before taking your temperature, try to avoid talking, moving, or getting out of bed. (Any activity can affect your Basal Temperature)

  • Mark the temperature daily in the provided Ovulation Chart. (Many other apps can also help you track and interpret your data)
  • You are looking for a noticeable increase in your BBT, typically around 0.4-1.0°F (0.2-0.5°C) that lasts for several days. (This increase usually occurs after ovulation due to the influence of the hormone progesterone)
  • Remember that BBT charting helps you identify when ovulation has already occurred. (To pinpoint your fertile days, you may also want to track other signs, such as cervical mucus changes)
Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions17 × 5.5 × 2.7 cm


Q: Can one trust the results from this digital thermometer for pregnancy planning?
A: Absolutely, our thermometer harnesses advanced digital technology to provide reliable data essential for pregnancy planning.

Q: How does this thermometer help in understanding one’s menstrual cycle?
A: By tracking your BBT (Basal Body Temperature), this thermometer provides valuable insights into your monthly cycle and ovulation patterns, empowering you with knowledge about your reproductive health.

Q: Is it easy to use for someone who has never tracked their BBT before?
A: Yes, it features a user-friendly digital interface, making it effortless to record and analyze temperature data, even for beginners.

Q: Can I use this thermometer to prevent pregnancy as well?
A: While BBT charting can help you track your fertile days and plan or prevent pregnancy, it’s not a highly reliable method of contraception on its own. For birth control, it’s recommended to use additional contraception methods like condoms or birth control pills.

Q: Can illness or irregular sleep patterns affect the accuracy of my BBT readings?
A: Yes, illness and irregular sleep patterns can affect your BBT. It’s essential to record any factors that might influence your temperature, as they can help you interpret your chart accurately.

Q: How long does it typically take to see a clear pattern in my BBT chart?
A: It may take several cycles to see a clear pattern in your BBT chart. Patience and consistency in taking measurements are key.


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