B-Arm Freezer Thermometer | Accurate fridge temperature monitoring | Fridge Thermometer


    1. Light-weight
    2. Compact
    3. Easy fit into a fridge
    4. No-Battery Required
    5. Range: -40°F to 80°F or -40°C to 27°C.

The B-Arm Freezer Thermometer offers the utmost precision for your fridge storage needs. Tailored for professionals and households alike, this fridge thermometer ensures your supplies are stored at the ideal temperature. Elevate your food storage standards with the confidence that only accurate temperature monitoring can provide. Our refrigerator thermometer is versatile that makes it seamlessly adapt to both fridges and freezers, ensuring it meets all your fridge temperature monitoring needs. Our Refrigerator Thermometer provides you both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, ranging from -40°F to 80°F or -40°C to 27°C

The refrigerator thermometer provides temperature updates, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your valuable inventory. This fridge thermometer is designed for long-lasting and durable performance. Your goods deserve nothing but the best, and our thermometer delivers on that promise. Say goodbye to concerns about temperature fluctuations and entrust your food supplies to the precision of our thermometer. Order the Freezer Thermometer today and ensure the safety and integrity of your food supplies.

Weight0.23 kg
Dimensions13.5 × 4.5 × 3.2 cm


1. What is the temperature range that this thermometer can measure?
This thermometer can measure temperatures within the range of -40°C to 20°C (-40°F to 80°F).

2. Does this Freezer Thermometer require any calibration or setup before use?
No, It is pre-calibrated and ready for use.

3. How do I mount or place a freezer thermometer inside the freezer for accurate readings?
It’s best to place the fridge thermometer in the central area of the freezer, away from the walls and items, ensuring that it isn’t obstructed by food.

4. Can a freezer thermometer be used in a deep freezer?
Yes,the freezer thermometer is suitable for use in deep freezers, providing accurate temperature readings.

5. What is the purpose of a Freezer Thermometer?
A Freezer Thermometer is designed to monitor and give the temperature inside a freezer.


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