B-Arm DC Compressor Nebulizer CDC 200S – Advanced Respiratory Treatment Therapy for Asthma and COPD | Portable Nebulizer Machine with Touch Control for Breathing Problems | Digital display Compressor Nebulizer for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The B-Arm-DC Compressor Nebulizer CDC 200S is a trusted companion in the journey to better respiratory health. If you or a loved one are dealing with conditions like asthma, COPD, or chronic obstructive disease, our lung machine is designed to provide effective relief and treatment. Our compressor nebulizer, a powerful respiratory machine, is here to provide you with the advanced pulmonary inhaler therapy you need for a breath of fresh air. A nebulizer machine is suitable for the auxiliary treatment of most respiratory diseases. The device converts medicine particles into finer particles, which allow it to reach air passage more effectively and is suitable for both adults and children.

DC Compressor Nebulizer The CDC 200S is not just a compressor nebulizer; it’s a complete respiratory support system. With an integrated nasal humidifier, it adds moisture to the air, easing your breathing and enhancing the effectiveness of your treatment. This DC Nebulizer is touch-operated with timer functions that provide you with the option to choose the atomization time of 30 mins, 20 mins, or 10 mins. This portable inhaler has easy one-touch operation, low noise, portability, and a compact design.

The DC Compressor Nebulizer CDC 200S boasts an advanced medicine compressor, ensuring precise and consistent aerosol delivery with every use. The nebulizer machine, as well as maintaining clean and hygienic treatment conditions, ensures your peace of mind. Whether you’re managing hypertension, dealing with pulmonary fibrosis, or simply looking for a way to optimize your respiratory health during yoga or other activities, a DC nebulizer is your working model for a healthier life. The poerful compressor in this compact portable nebulizer breaks the medicine into a mist or aerosol that the user can easily inhale.

Note: The DC Compressor Nebulizer CDC 200S is different from the mesh nebulizer, ultrasound nebulizer, lung exerciser, mucus relief devices, and lung breathing exerciser.

To learn more about how to use it, kindly refer to pages 7 to 12 of the instruction manual.

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 13 × 10.5 cm


1.What type of respiratory conditions is the CDC 200S nebulizer suitable for?
Answer: The CDC 200S is commonly used to administer medication for a range of respiratory conditions, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and respiratory infections.

2.What is the recommended nebulization time with the CDC 200S?
Answer: There is no specific time for nebulization, it is advised to take over the session until the nebulizer liquid dosage prescribed by the pulmonologist is completely utilized. It is designed to provide 3 different timer settings (30 minutes, 20 minutes, or 10 minutes).

3.Is the CDC 200S nebulizer suitable for both adults and children?
Answer: Yes, the CDC 200S nebulizer can be used by both adults and children. However, it’s important to use appropriate masks or mouthpieces for different age groups.

4.Is the CDC 200S portable for travel purposes?
Answer: Yes, the CDC 200S is designed to be portable, making it suitable for travel as it can be carried in your bag. It is important to ensure that you have access to a power source.

5.What is the primary difference between a DC compressor nebulizer and a mesh nebulizer?
Answer: DC Compressor Nebulizer: A DC compressor nebulizer uses a compressor to convert liquid medication into a fine mist, which is then inhaled. It’s a traditional nebulizer type.
Mesh Nebulizer: A mesh nebulizer, on the other hand, uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a mist from liquid medication. It’s a newer, more portable alternative bt cannot be used for suspended medications.

6.Are there any differences in treatment efficiency between the Mesh nebulizer and DC Nebulizer?
Answer: DC Compressor Nebulizer: DC compressor nebulizers are known for delivering consistent and efficient aerosol therapy. They are often recommended for users with severe respiratory conditions.
Mesh Nebulizer: Mesh nebulizers are also effective, but the mist particle size may be slightly larger, which can affect the absorption of medication in some cases.

7.Can I use both types of Mesh Nebulizers and DC Nebulizer with the same medications?
Answer: DC Compressor Nebulizer: Yes, most liquid medications can be used with both DC compressor nebulizers and mesh nebulizers.
Mesh Nebulizer: The compatibility of medications depends on the specific mesh nebulizer model, so it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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