B-Arm Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator | USB Rechargeable Mucus Sucker with 5 Levels suction| Portable Nose Cleaner for Infants with 2 Nose Tips | Relieve Blocked Nose for Babies

B-Arm Electric Nasal Aspirator is designed to provide gentle and effective relief for infants experiencing nasal congestion. This nose cleaner for infants comes with 2 reusable silicone tips (gourd shaped and funnel shaped tip) and 5 replaceable filters. It ensures optimal mucus suction for various baby nose sizes, safeguarding your baby’s sensitive sinuses. The gourd-shape silicone is suitable for 0-2 years old newborn baby, and the funnel-shape silicone tip is suitable for 2-6 years old kids. The filters provided with the product helps you prevent the backflow of the removed mucus from the reservoir into the device.

Our USB-rechargeable baby mucus sucker features a no-battery-required functionality. It can be easily operated with one hand, providing a hygienic and efficient solution for mucus removal. Designed for on-the-go portability, our baby mucus sucker/baby nose cleaner ensures your little one breathes comfortably, providing a hassle-free solution for parents to address the common challenges associated with nasal congestion in babies.

Our Rechargeable baby nasal aspirator has 5 adjustable suction levels to meet different needs. It can easily remove thick and thin nasal mucus without making much noise and allow your baby to breathe easily and have a better sleep. This Nasal aspirator for kids is lightweight and its compact design ensures ease of use, making it an essential tool for every parent. Gently insert the silicone tip into one nostril, holding the device upright to cover the baby’s nostril completely. Single press to turn the aspirator on and additional presses to adjust the suction levels. Make sure to remove the nasal aspirator from the baby’s nose before switching it off. Clean the silicone tips and reservoir tank with mild soap and water before and after usage and dispose the collected mucus. Do not wash the aspirator body in water.

NOTE: Remove the Reservoir tank and the aspirator to replace the cotton filters.


Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 23 × 10.5 × 5 cm


1: How do I clean the nasal aspirator?

Answer: Cleaning our baby nasal aspirator is easy. Simply detach the tips and the reservior tank (collection cup), then rinse with hot soapy water but the aspirator body is not washable.

2: Is the nasal aspirator suitable for different age groups?

Answer: Absolutely! With two sizes of soft silicone tips, it caters to all ages of kids. The gourd-shape silicone is suitable for 0-2 years old newborn baby, and the funnel-shape silicone tip is suitable for 2-6 years old kids.

3: How does the nasal suction work?

Answer: B-Arm Electric nasal suction is designed to provide gentle and effective relief for infants nasal congestion. Our aspirator offers 5 suction levels to meet various needs. It effortlessly removes thick and thin nasal mucus without causing disruption.

4.Is it safe for my baby’s delicate sinuses?

Answer: Yes, the device is thoughtfully engineered to provide gentle relief, ensuring your baby breathes comfortably without harm. The aspirator is designed for quiet operation, allowing your baby to breathe easily without disturbance.

5: Can I recharge the nasal aspirator?

Answer: Yes, it’s USB rechargeable for convenience, and the user-friendly design allows for easy, one-handed operation without the need for batteries.


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