Sensa Core’s Gluco Spark Glucometer Strips (pack of 25)

Glucospark glucometer strips for diabetes checking are a reliable and convenient way to monitor your blood sugar levels at home. These strips are designed to work with the Glucospark glucometer sugar test kit, which uses advanced biosensor technology to provide accurate results in just a few seconds. The strips are easy to use, with a simple one-step process that requires only a small blood sample. The compact size of the strips makes them easy to carry with you wherever you go, so you can check your blood sugar levels anytime, anywhere.

Glucospark glucometer strips for sugar test kit are also highly affordable, making them an excellent choice for those who want to manage their diabetes without breaking the bank. With Glucospark glucometer strips for diabetes checking machine for daily diabetes test, you can take control of your diabetes and enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle. In addition to their ease of use and affordability, Glucospark glucometer strips for diabetes checking machine or glucometer machine (glucometer digital) or sugar check machine digital are also highly accurate and reliable. The advanced biosensor technology used in these strips ensures that you get precise readings every time you use them, giving you the confidence to manage your diabetes effectively.

These sugar test strips are also designed to minimize and get the most accurate readings possible. Overall, Glucospark glucometer strips are a smart and convenient choice for anyone who wants to monitor their blood sugar levels at home. With their accuracy, affordability, and compatibility with the Glucospark glucometer machine (glucometer digital), these strips offer everything you need to manage your diabetes effectively and stay on top of your health. Whether you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes or you’ve been managing the condition for years, Glucospark glucometer strips compatible with glucospark glucometer machine (glucometer digital) can help you stay on track and achieve better health outcomes.

User instruction:

  • The strip should remain in the closed canister until use.
  • Do not use after the expiration date.
  • Do not touch the reagent area of the strip.
  • Discard any discolored or damaged strips.
  • All specimens should be considered potentially hazardous and handled in the same manner as an infectious agent.
  • The used strip should be discarded according to local regulations after testing.


Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 6.5 cm

Sensa Core

NO of strips

25 pack Strip, 50 pack strip


1.How do Diabetes test strip work?

A drop of blood is applied to the intake port on the test strip, usually indicated by a clear area in the strip where you can see the blood sample run up the strip. Inside the strip, the blood mixes with an enzyme. The glucose meter then runs electricity through that mixture. The meter gauges the resistance to the electricity to determine your blood glucose levels, and a reading pops up on your glucose meter.

2.Do you need prescription for test strip?

If you purchase strips using your insurance you need a prescription and might have to meet other requirements including high deductibles and copays at the pharmacy counter.

3.Can expired test strips give a false reading? Do they all go bad?

The most important factor when buying test strips is having accurate results. Blood glucose test strips have an expiration date because the enzyme on the strip can be affected by heat, cold, moisture, age and other factors. Damaged or expired strips can give false readings that are very far from your true blood sugar. We always send strips that are at least a year from their expiration date. Usually, you have about 15-18 months to use your strips before they expire.

13 reviews for Gluco Spark- Glucometer Strips (pack of 25) compatible with Gluco spark Glucometer only and not with any other Glucometers

  1. Viswanathan K

    Excellent. Good Strips. Superb Packaging. Fast And Efficient Delivery. And Using This Strip, I’m Getting Accurate Test Results.

  2. Gangaram M

    The speedy shipping from pleased me. Nothing to say about this product because I’ve been using it for more than two years; it’s accurate.

  3. Manoj R M

    It’s good and genuine.

  4. Rajesh Kumar

    These test strips are highly accurate and easy to insert. I have been using sensacore glucometer since more than a year now to monitor my blood sugar on regular basis. Got the best glucometer from local store but strips are very costly in local stores and other websites and cheapest only with B-Arm Medical so every month I place order in B-Arm and they delivered it on time. Great experience overall.

  5. R Sathya Devi

    I bought my glucometer machine from a local store previously and it had old strips that were giving incorrect readings, so I ordered these new strips from, and now the readings are accurate so every month I will buy strips from them. I wish if I had known about B-Arm earlier I would have bought the glucometer also from them as their prices are so good.

  6. M.D. Deepa

    I’ve purchased this test strip twice already. My husband and I both use it every day to check our blood sugar levels. Comparatively speaking to other websites, this strip is convenient and cost-effective. As long as I continue to use the same brand of monitor, I believe it has been working fairly well in terms of accuracy.

  7. Lakshiya

    This is my first purchase from Worked 100%, with no problems at all. I am happy with the accuracy. Exact count as mentioned.

  8. D Prakash

    The product is good and supplier b-arm is very reliable.

  9. K . Jeevan

    Excellent strips. Delivery is quick and efficient. I am getting accurate test results with this gluco spark strip.

  10. Sylvia Margaret

    My Mother is using this and it is very easy to use. No stripes were broken or damaged. Worth the money!

  11. Vidith P

    This is a 100% original product. We also get the Gluco Spark strips at a very low cost and they are available and delivered in 3 days.

  12. Uma Jagadeesan

    Strips are extremely effective, and the product is genuine. During testing, the machine displays the correct reading.

  13. Raghudas

    The results are highly accurate, and the strips are less expensive when compared to other websites.

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