Lacto Spark Lactate meter by Sensa core for athletes, coaches, and healthcare professionals

Lacto Spark by Sensa core is a cutting-edge and reliable device designed to provide fast and accurate measurement of lactate levels in the blood. With a low sample volume requirement i.e. only 0.5µL of capillary blood, it offers faster- only 5 seconds and more precise results compared to other conventional methods. This portable and easy-to-use device uses advanced electrochemical technology to measure lactate levels with high precision, ensuring accurate results. The Lacto Spark is an invaluable tool for athletes, coaches, and healthcare professionals who need to monitor lactate levels in real-time during exercise or physical activity and also to analyze performance measurement as it can store up to 500 results. It’s fast, reliable, and offers accurate results, making it an ideal choice for optimizing training programs and improving performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast, or healthcare professional, the Lacto Spark is a must-have device for lactate level monitoring, providing faster and more accurate results than other conventional methods. The high standards for accuracy and reliability that are required for hospital use have been incorporated into the Lacto Spark meter. Lacto Spark meters and strips are priced far economical than most other similar devices.

Lacto Spark Lactate Meter with 25 strips and 25 lancets by Sensacore, the ultimate solution for accurate lactic acid measurement. This portable blood lactate meter is designed to provide precise and reliable results, making it an essential tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and healthcare professionals alike. With the Lacto Spark Lactate Meter, you can easily conduct a lactate test to monitor your body’s performance and optimize your training or treatment plans. Sensacore, a trusted manufacturer in the field, has integrated advanced sensor technology into this device, ensuring accurate lactate measurement with every use. The package includes 25 strips and 25 lancets, providing you with a generous supply for continuous testing. These accessories, manufactured to the highest standards, work seamlessly with the Lacto Spark Lactate Meter to deliver consistent and reliable results. You can rely on the quality and performance of Sensacore’s products to meet your monitoring needs. Using the Lacto Spark Lactate Meter is simple and straightforward. Just collect a small blood sample using the lancets included in the package and let the meter analyze your lactic acid levels. By syncing your data, you can easily store, track, and analyze your lactate measurements over time. This empowers you to gain valuable insights into your lactic acid response patterns, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize your training or treatment plans. Don’t let complex measurements hinder your progress. The Lacto Spark Lactate Meter from Sensacore offers a user-friendly experience without compromising on accuracy or reliability.

Test Principle Determination of lactate in fresh capillary whole blood
Assay Method Amperometric Bio sensor
Automatic Shutoff After 5 seconds, depending on operating status
Hematocrit 15 % to 65 %
Measurement Units mmol/L
Strips Storage Temp. 5o to 30o C  (Do not refrigerate)
Operating Temperature 5o to 30o C
Operating Relative Humidity 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)
Memory 500 Previous Readings
Power Source One 3 volt lithium battery (CR2032), replaceable
Battery Life Approximately 1000 tests
Result Range 0.2 to 25.0 mmol/L
Sample Capillary whole blood
Sample Size 0.5 L (500 nanoliters)
Meter Size (Centimeters) Length 10.0 x Width 3.1 x Depth 1.4
Display Size (Millimeters) 48 (diagonally) LCD
Test Time 5 seconds
Weight 34 grams
Strip Ejection Yes
Construction Handheld
Protection Class A
Meter Warranty 3 Years
Strip Shelf life 15 Months
Weight 0.142 kg
Dimensions 9 × 11.2 × 4.2 cm


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Included Warranty

3 Years
3 year warranty against manufacturing defects