SensaCore Gluco Spark Glucose Measuring System with 25 Strips

Gluco Spark is India’s first, next-generation, highly advanced ultra-low volume glucose monitoring system available at affordable prices. This glucometer works on advanced biosensor technology and uses only 0.5 microliter sample volumes and gives results in 5 sec.

Gluco Spark uses carbon electrodes to ensure precise results. Gluco Spark strips are manufactured with tight tolerance and do not require any coding. Sensa Core’s Biosensor Technology solves a number of immediate technical problems related to glucose strip by significantly enabling the sensitive and accurate performance of the glucose strip in a cost-effective way.

Technical Specification:

Battery 3v Lithium Battery (CR2032) Lasts for 1000 tests
Relative Humidity 10-95% (Non-Condensing)
Operating Temperature 2-50 Degree Centigrade
Strips Storage Temperature 0-50 Degree Centigrade
Interference Minimal
Memory 1000 Readings
Shelf Life of Strips 24 months (From Date of Manufacturing)
Display 48 mm (diagonally) LCD

What is a Glucose Meter?

A glucose meter, also referred to as a glucometer, is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It can also be a strip of glucose paper dipped into a substance and measured to the glucose chart.


1. How does a Gluco Spark Glucose Meter work?

Sensa Core’s Gluco Spark Glucose Meter provide readings by detecting the level of glucose in a person’s blood. To get a reading, a person pricks the skin (most commonly a finger) and applies the blood sample gained to a test strip inserted in the meter. The glucose in the blood reacts with the chemicals in the strip. Then, electrical currents pass through, determining the level of glucose in the sample and providing numerical results within 5 seconds.

2. Where should I store the Gluco Spark Glucose Meter and Gluco Spark Test strips?

You’ll want to keep your meter, test strips, lancets and other supplies in a carrying case which most of our glucose meters include with the initial purchase. Test strips should be kept in their original vial or container, and you should make sure it is completely closed after each use. Keep all items out of extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture and humidity, as any of these external factors can affect your meter and strips, causing false readings.

3. Can I reuse Gluco Spark Glucose Test Strips or Lancets?

No. Gluco Spark Glucose Test strips are single-use only. Gluco Spark Glucose Meter can detect if a strip has been used and give an error message if you try to reuse a strip. And if you try to reuse a strip, there’s no way to know if you’re getting an accurate reading of your current glucose level because the chemicals that create the reaction have been used and compromised by the past sample.

Likewise, lancets should be used only once, both for sanitary reasons and because they can become dulled with use, making them less effective and more painful. Substances such as rubbing alcohol aren’t an option for disinfecting because they can remove protective coatings on the needle.

4. What can affect test results of Gluco Spark Glucose Meter?

Many factors can affect test results, so you’ll have to eliminate anything problematic. Having an insufficient amount of blood in the test sample can result in falsely low readings, and if the sample site is not properly cleaned, contamination can affect the readings. Storing the meter or strips at extreme temperatures can cause falsely high or low readings. Because of these factors, we recommend storing & monitoring the results Glucose Meter to double-check any readings that seem abnormally high or low.


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Included Warranty

3 Years
3 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.