Sonmol Mucus Removal Device & Lung Expander using OPEP Technology, Drug Free Portable Device for Everyday Use for Adults

Strengthen breathing and relieve the symptoms of lung diseases, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and other respiratory discomforts caused by the environmental pollution.

  1. OPEP technology, a globally trusted physiotherapy
  2. Improve pulmonary function, lung oxygenation, clear mucus from bronchi.
  3. Combination of respiratory training and mucus removing all in one step.
  4. Keep the airways open.
  5. Lightweight, portable, a carry string for taking it to anywhere and use anytime.
  6. Making feasible better compliance of patients in treatment
  7. Easy to clean
  8. Three qualified Stainless Steel Balls for personal training needs
  9. Medical device standard, FDA approved
  10. Drug free and suitable for a wide range of people.


The Sonmol mucus removal device uses OPEP technology to make your thick mucus depletion thinner and provide faster relief from mucus and phlegm in your airways. Phlegm blockages can lead to discomfort, difficulty breathing, and even poor sleep quality. That’s where the Sonmol mucus removal device comes in as a portable phlegm remover unit that provides effective mucus removal and phlegm relief.

The Sonmol mucus extractor is easy to use and a natural solution to clearing mucus blockages. Unlike other mucus and phlegm relief medicines that contain chemicals and can cause side effects, the Sonmol phlegm/ mucus removal device is non-invasive, drug free, and gentle, making it a safe option for those with respiratory conditions. This mucus clearance device can be used anywhere, providing quick and easy relief from phlegm blockage and mucus congestion.

This mucus extractor for adults (not for infants) is designed to provide targeted relief for effective mucus and phlegm removal. The airway mucus extractor machine helps to clear mucus and phlegm from the sinuses, improving your breathing and overall respiratory health. The mucus remover for adults is also a great option for those who are looking for a natural solution to clear mucus from the lungs and respiratory tract.

You can get rid of your mucus and phlegm problems with our Sonmol Mucus Removal Device. It’s a phlegm remover that provides mucus relief, acts as a phlegm remover, and performs phlegm removal in a safe and effective way. Order your Sonmol mucus removal device today and experience the benefits of better respiratory health.


  1. Relax your entire body. Seal your lips firmly around the mouthpiece. Please note that the top of the device shall not be covered with anything.
  2. Inhale slowly through your nose and hold your breath for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Exhale slowly and make it as long as possible to loosen the mucus by using the device and cough out to clear the mucus after exhaling. Do not bulge your cheeks which is essential for the proper use of the device.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Avoid rapid and vigorous breathing during use.


  • Peoples suffering from respiratory issues (Obstructive sleep apnea, Dysphagia, Asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, Muscular dystrophy, and Respiratory muscle weakness), Children, Adults, Elderly, Singers, Athletes, Smokers, deep sea divers, Wind Instrument Musicians and more.
  • People who need to improve speech and swallow performance.


This device works by the patient exhaling into the device, this causes the ball-bearing inside the casing to vibrate. The vibrations and pressure travel back to the lungs which loosen mucus and phlegm from your airway walls. When you rapidly exhale, the mucus travels up the airway and out of your mouth when you cough.


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