Biphasic Defibrillator

From The Manufacturer:

LPM-403C is a Biphasic Defib Monitor with Cardiac Monitor with AED & Printer. It has a 12.1″ color Screen, ECG , In- Build Battery backup , Trend & 200 J output.


ECG (Standard)
Lead : 5 leads (R,L,F,N.C)
Heart Rate Range : 0-350 bpm.
Arrhythmia Analysis : Yes
Lead Off : Auto Detection

AED (Up-Gradable)
Wave form Biphasic truncated exponential
AED shock series Energy level 200J
Charge command Automatic / Manual from Front panel
Voice and Text Extensive text and audible messages to guide user prompts

Pacer (Up-Gradable)
Wave form: Monophasic
Modes :Demand or Non Demand
Pulse Current: From 10mA to 150 mA ( resolution of 10 mA),
Pulse Duration :40 ms (+/- 1 ms)
Pacing rate: From 20 ppm to 250 ppm (increments of 1 ppm )

SpO2 (Up-Gradable)
Measurement Range : 0- 100 %.
Alarm Range > 0-100 %

NIBP (Up-Gradable)
Measure Modal : Auto Surge.
Working Mode : Direct reverse & Quick processing.
Cycle Time : 1 – 480 min.
Alarm Range: for Systolic BP, Diastolic BP & Mean BP.
Range : Adult :25-260 mm Hg Child: 25-195 mm Hg & Infant : 15-145 mm Hg

Temperature (Up-Gradable)
Measurement Range : 0-50 C.
Alarm Range 0-45 C.


Respiration Method : IRSP.
Measurement range : 1 – 99 rpm.
Alarm Range :1 – 120 bpm.
Apnea Alarm : Yes


1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Maximum liability equal to product price.

What is Defibrillator:

Defibrillator is used for saving lives in emergency medicine, defibrillators are put to use during cardiac dysrhythmias and during ventricular defibrillation.

The device delivers countershock using electric current and recuperates an individual’s electric state of the heart to beat in a pattern that can be controlled.

The electric shock depolarizes the heart muscle and hence brings back the normal conduction. Early in 1899, it was found that smaller electrical charges created ventricular fibrillation whereas large electrical charges reversed it and hence defibrillation as a concept was born. From paddle type bulky electrodes used in 1950s we have advanced to the modern day portable lesser weigh defibrillators. Defibrillators are no more limited to hospitals and emergency care set-ups. Automated external defibrillators, also called as PAD (Public Access Defibrillators) are installed in public places to save lives.


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Biphasic Defibrillator