Beurer OT 20 Ovulation Thermometer (Digital) – Pregnancy Calculator to check your fertility window

Sleek Design

The thermometer is thoughtfully designed with an extra-flexible measuring tip and a secure cap for added protection. They are ideal for oral and vaginal measurements. This broadly displayed ovulation thermometer is waterproof and can be disinfected.

“Ovy” App

Users can download the “ovy” App which is compatible with IOS 10 and android 5.0 or above. Manually adding user data to the app helps the users in keeping an eye on their natural cycle. Calculate the cycle on a regular basis with this digital thermometer.

Memory Space

In this busy lifestyle, it is hard to keep a track of your ovulation. This ovulation checking thermometer is built with a memory space that stores the previous reading. In case you forget your previous measurement, the meter can show you what it was.

What is Ovulation Thermometer?

The OT 20 Ovulation Checking Thermometer is a smart temperature measuring device that is made to track the fertile and non-fertile days for women. This device offers a more reliable and improved way of keeping a check on the ovulation cycle for natural family planning.


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Included Warranty

5 Years