B-Arm Winset Infusion IV Sets For Safe And Effective Intravenous Injections (Pack Of 5)

The B-Arm winset IV (intravenous) Infusion sets (Pack of 5) are comprehensive IV sets that are designed for safe and effective intravenous fluid administration. This iv-infusion set includes a variety of components, including a disposable infusion line and extension tube all of which are made from high-quality materials and designed to ensure the safe delivery of fluids. The intravenous needle or iv catheter is inserted into a vein, and the tubing is used to deliver fluids directly into the bloodstream.

The B-Arm winset Infusion set (Intravenous set) is ideal for use in hospitals, home care, and other medical settings that need to provide medications and fluid inside the body through an intravenous catheter or intravenous injection. This IV set is a reliable and effective tool for a variety of purposes, including administering medications, fluids, and nutrition. Intravenous cannula sets can also be used for blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and other medical procedures. Intravenous cannula set is medical instrument has ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, while the non-pyrogenic components ensure safe and reliable performance. This winset intravenous infusion drip set helps monitor the amount and flow of medications into the body.

The B-Arm winset IV infusion set is also designed for optimal clinician ease of use, with clear markings and intuitive assembly instructions, this iv sets can be quickly and easily assembled, making it an ideal choice for fast-paced and high-stress environments.
This iv cannula set is made of ultra-thin, medical-grade tubing, the catheter offers a soft and flexible design that helps minimize patient discomfort during insertion. With its affordable price and high-quality components, the Winset IV Infusion Set is an excellent investment for hospitals, home care providers, and anyone in need of reliable infusion of medications.

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 20.2 × 12 × 7 cm


Q. What is the Winset Intravenous Set used for?
A. The Winset Intravenous Set is used for administering fluids, medications, and blood products directly into the patient’s bloodstream through intravenous access. It is commonly used in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and home care.

Q. What are the key features of the Winset Intravenous Set?
A. The Winset Intravenous Set features a sharp and durable needle for easy insertion, a transparent and flexible tubing for easy monitoring of fluid flow, a roller clamp for precise control of infusion rates, and a luer lock connector for secure and reliable connection to various IV catheters or devices.

Q. Is the Winset Intravenous Set sterile and disposable?
A. Yes, the Winset Intravenous Set is sterile and designed for single-use only. Each set is individually packaged and sterilized to ensure patient safety and infection control. After use, the set should be properly disposed of according to healthcare waste management guidelines.

Q. Can the Winset Intravenous Set be used with different types of IV solutions and medications?
A. Yes, the Winset Intravenous Set is compatible with a wide range of IV solutions and medications. It can be used for administering saline solutions, antibiotics, pain medications, blood transfusions, and other intravenous therapies as prescribed by healthcare professionals.

Q. How should the Winset Intravenous Set be properly assembled and used?
A. To assemble and use the Winset Intravenous Set, start by ensuring clean hands and a sterile working environment. Follow the instructions provided with the set for proper assembly, including priming the tubing, flushing air bubbles, and connecting it securely to the IV catheter or device. It is important to follow healthcare protocols and guidelines to maintain sterility and ensure safe and accurate administration of fluids and medications.


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